Feb 3, 2012

Hello everyone

i know it has been forever since i have given a update and i am very sorry. Chance is doing wonderful in all aspects. he is now 100% sound and healthy going barefoot and being ridden well in just a halter and reins. Im so very proud of my big boy

Aug 30, 2010

Chances old problems

1. Barb wire accident (check)
 2. abcesses (check)
3. underweight (check)
4. overgrown and cracked hoofs (check)
5. thin soles (just now getting to work on this)
 6. bowed tendon in his right front (still there but not bad)
 7. thrush (check)
 8. week hoof walls (hard as rock)
 9. and major trust issues (check)

Woo hoo. only a year later but time has really paid off.

Next i will have to get pictures of him under saddle.
No major issues with work undersaddle and nothing seems to spook that boy (perfect trail horse in the making)

Chance at his new home with his new friend prince.

Jul 26, 2010

Chances First Bath With Us

He has come so far. we could not have asked for a better turnout. Here is his first bath with us. I'm sorry its been so long since i have posted. Lots of things have changed. We will be moving in 3 weeks (yay) when we move we will be welcoming 3 other horses into our family. there will be Chance, Millie (pregnant walker mare due around October-December) a mini filly named cupid, and a older gelding named prince. Here are some pictures of chances first bath with us. Just look how much he has changed. Much a healthy boy and well behaved too. Lots of work and dedication will get you far. We were very lucky with out turnout on chance. It looks as if maybe in another year or two we might not have any scars or very faint scaring. Yippee. Next question shall i show or shall he be a family trail horse?
He would have killed me if i would have tried this a year ago. He carried it like a champ

Here are pictures of where we are moving. Chance will then be able to be at home with us and get worked way more often (little does he know lol)

May 22, 2010

Victory Pictures

we are seriously starting retraining now YAY. hard work has finally paid off and now i have the best most beautiful thoroughbred in the world. chance has a forever home here until the day he says no more. there was a time i thought i would never get to see him run now i can't get him to stop. lol
YES i am a plus sized person with a plus sized heart.
Big gentle giant measuring in at a little over 16.2 hands.
Big Hugs

Apr 8, 2010

New Spring Look

no more boo boo pictures. YAY. no you will get to know the actual horse behind the wound and his jorney into becoming a family horse :)